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Volunteer to Help Needy Families in Rockford, IL

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Project Uplift is currently seeking volunteers. With a variety of roles to fill, there are positions to suit most schedules and experience levels.

 Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available

·   Our key fundraiser is our new home raffle. For just $20 per ticket, participants will be entered in a raffle for a brand new home or a $70,000 cash prize. We are seeking volunteers to help promote the raffle.

·  We also need help spreading the word about Project Uplift. We are very active online, using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise our profile, but we would also like to be “on the ground” in Rockford and area, talking about the good work we do. Volunteers are needed to help with our awareness raising.

·  In order to do our work effectively, we need research into local issues, organizations we can partner with, and current statistics on homelessness and unemployment in Illinois and beyond. If you are adept at carrying out this kind of research, we would love to hear from you!

·   We intend to grow our organization and explore other methods of raising funds. We would like to build a corps of volunteers who can help us generate fundraising ideas and put them into action.

·   The key to our growth is finding new donors who can support us. Combining research skills and a good knowledge of our community, we are looking for volunteers who can help us find prospective donors.

If you are interested in helping Project Uplift, please contact us. If you know someone who is looking for volunteer opportunities, please share this post with them.

Thanks so much for your support!