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The Green Benefits of Modular Homes

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In our last post we talked about the importance of green building. In this post we will talk about the green benefits of a certain type of building: modular homes.

 Modular homes, like the prize home in our raffle, are prefabricated in a factory. The sections, or modules, that make up each home are then delivered to the site and assembled into a single home. The photo gallery on our Raffle page shows the incredible results—a beautiful, modern home with the latest design touches.

 Our modular home sponsor is Rochester Homes of Indiana. Their website discusses the green benefits of modular building. We have provided a summary here:

·  There is less environmental impact on the home building site. Homes assemble quickly, meaning less time is needed and less fuel is used for on-site construction vehicles. Waste is reduced because homes are 85% built when they arrive at the site, meaning less scrap overall.

·  Along with the walls used in a home, other components are factory-built, including trusses, cabinets and trim. Greater efficiency results in a lower environmental footprint.

In addition to these general benefits, Rochester Homes follows other green building practices:

 ·  Low e glass, R38 insulation, and an air filtration wrap under all of the siding are used to increase the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.

·  All Rochester Homes wood products are recycled. Their goal is to have no wood from their operations end up in landfill. They recycle wood through their mill department and have also partnered with a mulch company to use wood scraps in landscaping projects.

·  All floor tile and carpet scraps are sold as remnants through a local flooring contractor to reduce waste.

·  All vinyl siding scrap is recycled and made into new vinyl products.

·  Copper wire is recycled and re-used.

·  Low or zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and solvents are used in the building process.

 To learn more about the Rochester Homes building process and the company’s commitment to green building, visit their website.