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Project Uplift Sponsor Spotlight: Superior Walls

To start our charity new home raffle, we needed a solid foundation on which to build—and we mean that literally. Superior Walls has provided just that through its contribution of precast foundations for our prize home.

Superior Walls was founded in 1981 by Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home builder Mel Zimmerman. After years of research, Mr. Zimmerman successfully developed a precast foundation system designed to eliminate age-old problems of home building while providing a quick and easy way to build better and drier basements.

In early 2003, Superior Walls introduced the new XiTM wall. With added insulation and strength, this improved wall represents the foundation of the future for the building industry.

Not only are Superior Walls’ foundations an exceptional product, they are also an environmentally sensible option. In fact, Superior Walls is the first foundation company to earn the Green Approved Product designation by the NAHB Research Center. Builders choosing to use Superior Walls XiTM and R-5 foundations can earn up to 10 points on a project toward a National Green Building Certification.

Here are some other interesting facts about Superior Walls precast foundations:

· Superior Walls produces precast insulated panels formed in climate-control setting and delivered to the new home site. Panels are removed with cranes and put in place by factory-certified installation teams.

·  Entire house below-ground foundation usually installs in less than a day.

·   Superior concrete does not react with freeze/thaw cycles and can be used in all climates.

· Superior Walls products create warm, dry basements that are energy-efficient.

· Superior Walls can help in the construction of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home. As a custom wall assembly, Superior Walls products contribute to the overall home insulation value and reduce air infiltration into the home, thereby making a huge impact on the overall energy efficiency rating of the home.

Superior Walls makes regular donations of its products to charitable organizations, and Project Uplift is grateful to have them on our team!

Thanks to everyone at Superior Walls for your generous support of our efforts to rise up Rockford!