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Project Uplift Sponsor Spotlight: Rochester Homes Inc.

Rochester Homes: The Advantages of Modular Construction:
Consistency in Quality

Rochester Homes utilizes modular building system technology in constructing your home. Each home is designed and built in a climate controlled environment to your specifications. We are not controlled by the weather and that means materials that go into your home are never exposed to harmful weather. Your home also goes through many quality inspections, including one by an independent third pary inspection company, recognized by your state.

Speed of Construction

Homes are built in one-third the time of typical on-site constructed homes, and are delivered to your site over 85% complete. Delays in construction due to weather, contractors not showing up, or missing materials is eliminated. With proper planning and coordination, with your authorized Rochester Homes builder, you can be living in your new home in a matter of weeks. Although speed of construction is realized through a modular building system approach, we never sacrifice the quality of materials and attention to detail. Click her to see a modular construction timeline.

Design Flexibility

Rochester Homes offers a wide variety of home styles and plans to choose from. We currently have two series to choose from. The first is the Rochester Series which includes, Ranch, Cape Cod and Two Story and is availble in 26′, 28′, and 30′ widths. This series is completely customizable and contains quality name brand components. The second is the Advantage Series which includes Ranch homes in 26′ widths only. This series is engineered to be more affordable, but less customizable. This series may be more affordable but that does not mean we compromise the quality name brand components we are proud to use in our homes. Our wide variety of floor plans and options allow you the flexibility to customize your home to meet your distinct personal tastes. If you don’t see a plan that meets your needs, ask your Rochester Homes dealer about the flexibility to revise an existing plan, or work closely with you on creating your own personal plan. Whatever your preferences, Rochester Homes provides the flexibility to meet them. Click here to see the components that come standard in our homes.

Cost Advantage

Because our homes are constructed faster, and are built in a controlled environment, utilizing modular building systems technology, we are ultimately able to pass along a cost savings to you. We feel confident that our large selection of floor plans, styles and options will allow you to find a Rochester Home that fits your budget. Our homes qualify for all conventional mortgage programs, and our homes meet the same mortgage rules and regulations that site-built homes do. Generally you can save $15 to $25 per square foot as compared to total site built constructed to our specifications.

Energy Efficiency

Due to the fact that our homes are all built utiliizing the most up to date building systems technology and quality materials, you can rest assured that your new home will also be very energy efficient. We carry a high level of standards when it comes to insulating and sealing your home against the elements, which means you will save money on utility bills into the future.

Construction Standards

We have listed our standard components, and a cutaway rendering for each type of home below. Click on the pictures and standard links below for the cutaways and standards lists in a printable PDF format.