Why the Homeless Population Need Your Help

2020 has brought devastation across the US, especially for the homeless. Many hardworking Americans, families that have been laid off, and veterans that struggle from various financial and medical problems like PTSD, rape, drug use, and more. Project Uplift is a leader in building homes for homeless across America. We strive to put a roof over everyone who seeks the help.


This year we are seeing 567K people that are experiencing homelessness. Only half of them are being sheltered or seek shelter


14.2% of all disabled veterans are living in poverty today


CA, TX, MA, FL, and NY have seen dramatic increases in homeless populations across the last 15 years


About 392K of the homeless population face a bed shortage every night in America

Where your donations are going and how can you help?

We help the homeless population in need of housing and financial support. Your donation is going directly in funding the construction costs involved to build multiplex communities that will house those  in need, but ONLY those who are willing to work and strive for a better situation or consult in active psychological therapy to recover from PTSD and other disabilities. As a non-profit organization, we are working towards a common goal of housing and many American heroes as possible.  

We build stability through buidling communities for American veterans in need. Let's uplift these spirits and give them the chance of affordable housing

Project Uplift is a non profit organization that helps American military veterans improve and can call their place home. Everyone, especially our heroes, deserve a roof over their head, and as long as these veterans are actively searching for jobs, seeking therapy, and dedicating themselves for a better future for their children – they’ll be eligible for Project Uplift. 

Help Homeless Veterans in America

Building up homes and hope for the heroes who need our help