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Helping Unemployed and Homeless Families in Rockford, IL

An introduction to the goals and mission of Project Uplift NFP.

Welcome to the Project Uplift NFP blog. In this post, we will talk a little about our organization and our plans for the blog.

 About Us

We are a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to help unemployed and homeless individuals and low-income families in Rockford, IL. Our key fundraiser is a raffle for a new home or $70,000 cash prize!

In future posts, we’ll talk a little more about why we chose Rockford for our first project. For now, we’ll share some of the plans for how the funds and other donations we collect will improve the lives of those in need.

·   Launching our ITeach-ILearn Program. A recent study of the labor market in Rockford and area noted that workers here have good skills but need to broaden those skills and market themselves better. And that is the goal of our ITeach-ILearn Center—to teach people job search skills and help them learn new skills so they can apply for a wider range of jobs.

·  Collecting and Distributing Donations to Needy Families. By collecting donations of food, household items, books, and technology from members of the community, we will help those in need manage a little better. We will provide full recognition of all donations from individuals, families, and businesses.

·  Revitalizing the Rockford Community. We are working on a complete green renovation of the historic Herman Buckbee Building in downtown Rockford, with the goal of making this beautiful building our organization’s headquarters. We will also work with nearby businesses to transform this area into a historical district.

·  Emphasizing Green Building. We want to see Rockford become a model of environmental awareness and action!  Any of our future home building or placement projects will be in the form of green, sustainable places of residence that will provide increased energy efficiency, reduction in waste, pollution, and environmental degradation, as well as a healthier overall living environment. We will also be incorporating green building, alternative energy, and LEED training into the our ITeach-ILearn program.


Learn More about Project Uplift

To keep up with all of the exciting things we’re doing, we invite you to:

·   Read this blog for continuing features on our organization, the team behind it, our sponsors, and the progress of our efforts.

·   Follow us on Twitter at @ProjUpliftNFP.

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