Project Uplift NFP would like to thank you for your interest in helping with our Fundraising efforts.

We cannot do it without you; We Need Your Help!  Please Volunteer or Donate today.  Become A Volunteer with, or Make A Donation to, Project Uplift instantly by visiting either page right now.  

Fundraising is key to any nonprofit organization.  Not just because of donations, but because of all the “fundraising network” can do for the community as well as for a NPO such as Project Uplift NFP.  With that being said.  We have launched, what we know will be, an ever evolving Fundraising Department, here, at Project Uplift.   

Along with large and longterm fundraisers, Project Uplift will also be doing small, targeted fundraisers such as GoFundMe campaigns, as well as individual Current Projects, that will make a difference by creating positive ripple effects throughout each department of our whole organization.  Please click the link above associated and visit either page to learn more.

At this time, Project Uplift, for example, has launched a GoFundMe Campaign for our “Chicago Hoarder House” Project Uplift has acquired this property, recently, in order to rehabilitate, remodel, and repurpose it for use in our housing programs.  We Need Your Help!!  Please spread the word through social media, at work, with your family & friends, and with any corporate institution that may be interested in donating or helping with respect to volunteers and other responsibilities in a project such as this one.

We have one more request. We are working to improve the logistics of our upcoming events — before, during, and after. As a crucial member of our team, your insights into how we prepare for, and then carry out, each event would be invaluable.
If you feel as though you may contribute to Project Uplift NFP’s immediate need for fundraising assistance, and volunteers, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  Please refer to our Become A Volunteer form to initiate contact.
Thank you for your support.  We look forward to working with you soon!