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Donate A House To Charity


house donation is a winning situation for all involved. When you donate a house to charity, people in need win, charitable organizations win, and you—as the house donor—win big through personal satisfaction and a substantial tax deduction.

Project Uplift  is made up of volunteers who freely give of their time for the betterment of society and individuals in need. Your house donation helps our charity by bringing in sizable funds. When you donate a house, you help our charity gain access to funds from house donations which in turn fund many programs that better the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

Can you donate a house to charity ?  Anyone can donate a house and enjoy the benefits of a Current Market Value Tax Deduction. For many real estate investors this is a serious financial benefit to their portfolio. Lets say you purchased a house many years ago for $40,000 , bettered the property and now it is worth $100,000. You are able to deduct $100,000 over a 5 year period!

Tell me about the real estate tax write off I get if I donate a house with your charity.

We have created an entire page devoted to this subject. Please click here to learn about our Current Market Value Tax Deduction.

I want to donate a Florida house and also a New York house donation. Do you accept house donations in these states?

Project Uplift NFP accepts real estate donations anywhere in the world. You can donate a house in Florida or a Mansion donation California. Our goal is to repair and gift the property to deserving individuals but sometimes those who need help through our program benefit more through the bettering and sale of said property. We have accepted hundreds of house donations NJ to California house donations through our charitable gift annuity program.



 By submitting a contribution on this page, you are supporting the charitable mission of Project Uplift NFP, a nonprofit organization. If you wish to direct funds to a specific cause or program, please visit our Welcome Page and fill out our “Count Me In” registration.  Choose Donors and specify your intent.  Donate today and Make a Difference!

Join us in Uplifting the Communities We Care About. Project Uplift NFP functions as an officially registered 501(c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation dedicated to homeless prevention, community development heavily based on environmental improvement, and to the provision of necessary resources to low income families with the intentions of mentoring those ready to supersede past their present, unfortunate state and beyond.