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Project Uplift NFP has established our Current Projects Page.  This section of our website is devoted to current projects, projects with quick turnarounds, as well as potential GoFundMe campaigns or other, small collaborations with other institutions, charities, nonprofits, or individuals in need. 

In contrast to some of our larger endeavors, this page is designed around individuals or singular instances of attention, need, and/or support; financial or otherwise.  Please keep up with our current projects and donate to uplifting communities we care about by addressing individual building blocks of the community that are in need.  Each community is as strong as its individual, or individual building block, that is in the most need, and that cannot be ignored.  Project Uplift hopes to continue addressing instances, such as these, in 2020, throughout the next decade and beyond.

Also, please keep an eye out for the upcoming Project Uplift Newsletter.  Our newsletter will, from time to time, feature these current projects and allow for a more in depth perspective on why a certain individual, or individual project, was taken on by the Project Uplift Team.  If you wish to donate, immediately, please visit our Donations Page.  Soon, you will also be able to visit our Fundraisers Page and, currently, you can also donate to expediting the relaunch of our newsletter.  With that said, the following is our first project of the year.  Project Uplift is excited for this opportunity and looking forward to the next. 

the Project Uplift Team


Pictured below is a gallery of one of the homes that was acquired, by Project Uplift NFP, for junk remediation & interior demolition, renovation, rehabilitation, and remodeling for reassignment to a family in need.  Also, with the launch of our Veterans Department, any of these properties could potentially be transformed into a small group home for Veterans in need.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  Project Uplift NFP needs donations through the website, as well as via our Chicago Hoarder House GoFundMe campaign in order to reach our short term goal.  Our goal is set and we need ALL of you to reach it as quickly as possible.  There are so many families in need.  We must get through these individual projects expeditiously so that we may move on to the next.  

With that being said, Please clink on the Donate button below and donate.  Please share our campaign with friends, family, and throughout as much of your social media as you are willing.  Every step counts; every contribution counts, and it takes all of us to reach special goals that we have for improving our communities.


Thank you from ALL of us at Project Uplift