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Homelessness Prevention

Project Uplift is awaiting your support to provide shelter and hope of a better life to homeless children and their families. Let’s band together for the noble cause of homeless prevention.


Our goal is to make the lives of those in need safe, healthy, and prosperous by providing quality assistance. We invite you to stand with us and support those in need who have no home to call their own.


In order to maintain and sustain a previously homeless family’s standard of living, we focus on making them self-sustainable through educational provisions. Our future “iTeach-iLearn” program will provide that opportunity for change by offering programs, training, and classes that will assist in assimilation into the workplace community 

Project Uplift’s mission is to help uplift the homeless, Veteran, and underprivileged communities of Chicago, Illinois, and its surrounding areas. Project Uplift’s foundation has already started the mission and needs your help, today, for a better tomorrow!

Project Uplift functions as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to homeless prevention, community development, Veterans affairs, and individual reintroduction into everyday, productive society. Our mission is predominantly based upon personal and Green, environmental improvement, and to the provision of necessary resources to low income individuals/families, with the intentions of mentoring and educating those ready to overcome their current life circumstances.

Volunteer Programs and Projects

Volunteer with Project Uplift NFP and help raise up your community today! There are so many possibilities and opportunities in which you may help right now. Let’s begin by spreading HOPE to one another.


Community Service Programs and Projects

Do your community service with Project Uplift NFP and help raise up the community today! There are so many possibilities and opportunities in which you may help right now. Specifically, Project Uplift has many new projects […]


Our main goal is to revitalize neighborhoods, in order to make them safe for all, with a focus on underprivileged families, children, the disabled, the elderly, as well as immigrants/refugees.

We believe that improving the community, as well as the environment, go hand in hand. We seek long-term, personal relationships with out supporters, sponsors, and affiliates and thank you in advance for your concern and assistance with regards to the future of our planet and those inhabiting it.

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