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Your donation helps to break the cycle of  poverty...

Many families and individuals struggle each day to obtain the basic necessities needed in order to live---food, water, clothing---while others struggle to afford necessities such as toilet paper, baby diapers, soap, laundry detergent, tooth paste, etc.  There are many families with children that cannot afford beds and sleep on mattresses taken from the garbage, or have to eat standing up rather than sitting down, because a kitchen table and chairs is not affordable.  All items that you donate will go to families and individuals in need.

Project Uplift NFP relies on the generosity of our community to support our mission.  Your donation can help us in so many ways- homeless prevention, community development, unemployment, the provision of necessary resources to low income families, and the rebuilding of deteriorated neighborhoods in order to make them safer.  Together we can help break the cycle of poverty by building long-term financial security for families in need.  We can strengthen community ties, improve the learning of our children by providing a clean and safe environment for them to flourish, create jobs for the unemployed, and provide affordable housing for low income individuals.  Let's make a difference today! 

 PLEASE NOTE: By submitting a contribution on this page, you are supporting the charitable mission of Project Uplift NFP, a nonprofit organization. If you wish to direct funds to a specific cause or program, please visit our Welcome Page and fill out our "Count Me In" registration.  Choose Donors and specify your intent.  Donate today and Make a Difference!

Join us in Uplifting the Communities We Care About. Project Uplift NFP functions as an officially registered 501(c)(3) non profit public benefit corporation dedicated to homeless prevention, community development heavily based on environmental improvement, and to the provision of necessary resources to low income families with the intentions of mentoring those ready to supersede past their present, and beyond



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