Rochester Homes: The Advantages of Modular Construction: Consistency in Quality Rochester Homes utilizes modular building system technology in constructing your home. Each home is designed and built in a climate controlled environment to your specifications. We are not controlled by the weather and that means materials that go into your home are never exposed to […]

Ruffolo Builders Inc. has been building high-quality modular homes since 2005, with a focus on single-family residential housing and a growing presence in multi-family, vacation, 50+ and commercial building construction. Since then, we’ve built homes using precision instruments, innovative technologies and skilled craftsmen. We constantly reassess our procedures and processes to continuously improve the quality, […]

We are continuing our look back at the Buckbee family, original builders of the 51,000-square-foot office and warehouse building that will house the Project Uplift headquarters. In our previous post we talked about the family itself and briefly mentioned the Buckbee seed business. In this post we’ll look a little more at the company and […]

An introduction to the goals and mission of Project Uplift NFP. Welcome to the Project Uplift NFP blog. In this post, we will talk a little about our organization and our plans for the blog.  About Us We are a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to help unemployed and homeless individuals and low-income families in […]

To start our charity new home raffle, we needed a solid foundation on which to build—and we mean that literally. Superior Walls has provided just that through its contribution of precast foundations for our prize home. Superior Walls was founded in 1981 by Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home builder Mel Zimmerman. After years of research, Mr. […]

Project Uplift is currently seeking volunteers. With a variety of roles to fill, there are positions to suit most schedules and experience levels.  Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available ·   Our key fundraiser is our new home raffle. For just $20 per ticket, participants will be entered in a raffle for a brand new home or […]

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