Project Uplift helps uplift the homeless community of Rockford, IL and surrounding areas of Illinois. Project Uplift already started the mission and needs your help!

Our Vision

We are working towards establishing the “ITeach-ILearn” Program in order for Project Uplift NFP to realize this goal. It is a wonderful program that we know will allow for us to carry out our mission successfully, and continuously, for years to come.


Volunteer with Project Uplift and help revitalize the community of Rockford, IL

Volunteer with Project Uplift and help rebuild the community of Rockford, IL and surrounding areas of Illinois. Project Uplift needs your help!

Our main goal is to revitalize neighborhoods, in order to make them safe for all, with a focus on underprivileged families, children, the disabled, the elderly, as well as immigrants/refugees.

With the support of people, from all walks of life, we are confident that Project Uplift NFP’s efforts will help to reverse the current state of those suffering in need.

We believe that improving the community, as well as the environment, go hand in hand. We seek long-term, personal relationships with our supporters, sponsors, and affiliates and thank you in advance for your concern and assistance with regards to the future of our planet and those inhabiting it.

Dream House Raffle

Project Uplift NFP will be conducting a fundraising raffle in the near future and will be using two of the ten recently donated lots from Ruffolo Builders to build the home that will be awarded to our Initial Grand Prize Winner!!!

The Sole Winner will have the choice of accepting the new home, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the raffle, or a $70,000.00 CASH PRIZE!!! (View Terms and Conditions).

The prize home is a modular house from Rochester Homes, a company known for building homes of the highest quality and for a commitment to Green Building Practices.


Our mission is to provide support, structure, and educational classes for these individuals in order to make their dreams of reclaiming their lives a self sufficient reality.

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We are constantly learning and evolving as we keep our sight on the future of a new way of life for those in need. We believe in creating solutions that provide for opportunities that will deliver measurable results.

Why is Green Building Important?

An overview of why green building matters, and why Project Uplift is making green building a key part of its mission. Part of our mission at Project Uplift is to complete a green overhaul of our project headquarters and prepare for a green building movement “in an...

Volunteer to Help Needy Families in Rockford, IL

Project Uplift is currently seeking volunteers. With a variety of roles to fill, there are positions to suit most schedules and experience levels.  Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available ·   Our key fundraiser is our new home raffle. For just $20 per ticket,...

The Green Benefits of Modular Homes

In our last post we talked about the importance of green building. In this post we will talk about the green benefits of a certain type of building: modular homes.  Modular homes, like the prize home in our raffle, are prefabricated in a factory. The sections, or...


Volunteer, Donate, Share. Project uplift needs your help!